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Human Beasts: A Fritz Lang Double Bill

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“I am profoundly fascinated by cruelty, fear, horror and death. My films show my preoccupation with violence, the pathology of violence.” ––Fritz Lang

Human Desire

Fritz Lang United States, 1954

Our 2nd film led by the axiomatic noir trio of Fritz Lang, Glenn Ford and Gloria Grahame is less known than The Big Heat or Renoir’s adaptation of the same Émile Zola novel, but deserves better. With gripping suspense, rail yard chiaroscuro, and sinister intimations, it is one of the genre’s greats.

The Big Heat

Fritz Lang United States, 1953

Austrian-born, German-exile legendary filmmaker Fritz Lang is best known for supreme classics such as Metropolis and M, but after his flight to Hollywood, he was also a master of American noir—as this double bill testifies. First up, the most electrifying of his masterpieces. Read more on Notebook.

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