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Johnnie To: Men on a Mission

MUBI Special

MUBI showcases Hong Kong genre maestro Johnnie To with a three-film series dedicated to his thrilling stories of men driven to their very limits.

Triad Election

Johnnie To Hong Kong, 2006


Our journey through the playful and profound cinema of Johnnie To continues with one of his finest: a gangster film, and a sequel that boldly stands on its own. Storying the electoral process within a triad gang, Election 2 is a deceptive yet welcome reminder that all gangster films are political.

Mad Detective

Johnnie To, Wai Ka-Fai Hong Kong, 2007


Next in our Johnnie To series brings out the funnier, weirder side of the director, too often thought of as gravely serious. Starring the great Ching Wan Lau and leavened by the wacky imagination of co-director/writer Wai Ka-fai, this film gleefully twists and plays with the detective genre.


Johnnie To Hong Kong, 2009


The first in “Men on a Mission,” our three-film series of thrillers by Hong Kong maestro Johnnie To that showcases tenacious determination of professions tested under extreme circumstances. It stars the late, great chanteur-acteur Johnny Hallyday as a man losing his memory yet hell bent on revenge.

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