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Kazuhiro Soda: Radical Observation

MUBI Special

MUBI is proud to spotlight the powerfully humanist cinema of New York-based Japanese documentarian Kazuhiro Soda. His approach follows the director’s self-devised Ten Commandments of Observational Filmmaking, which include such prescripts as “no meeting with subject,” “roll the camera yourself,” and “cover small areas deeply.” The result, across an immersive body of films full of character and insight, are documentaries that are unpretentious but complex, free-form yet beautifully told, and above all fully honor and respect their subjects. MUBI’s retrospective includes the exclusive online premiere of Kazuhiro Soda’s latest film, Inland Sea.

Campaign 2

Kazuhiro Soda Japan, 2013

Filmed within the shadow of the Fukushima disaster, Soda revisits Kazuhiko Yamauchi 6 years later as he embarks upon a new political campaign. Campaign 2 dives further into the Japan’s unique electoral process, environmental negligence, and bureaucratic structures on an intimate yet universal scale.


Kazuhiro Soda United States, 2007

Continuing our Kazuhiro Soda retrospective is this immersion into the distinct process of political campaigning in Japan. Intimately tracking the grassroots efforts of an amiable candidate, from community outreach to appeals for funding, Campaign is an integral expression of democracy’s processes.


Kazuhiro Soda Japan, 2010

Following the arresting Inland Sea, we leap back to this earlier, poetic documentary by the great Kazuhiro Soda. Peace is a film composed by a master observer—harmonizing an intimate portrait of an elderly couple with an erudite meditation on the nature and the function of peace in modern life.

Inland Sea

Kazuhiro Soda Japan, 2018

We are proud to launch a new retrospective devoted to one of contemporary cinema’s great documentarians, Kazuhiro Soda. His newest film, an evocative and compassionate portrait of character and place, is emblematic of his radical yet direct style that approaches his subjects personally and in-depth.

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