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New Spanish Cinema

MUBI Special

We are excited to partner this year with L.A. OLA, a showcase of the best contemporary independent cinema from Spain. Despite their critical success, these groundbreaking Spanish films have struggled to gain access to the traditional distribution circuit. With events in both Los Angeles (May 18 – 21) and New York (June 2 – 4), L.A. OLA aims to create a bridge between Spain and the U.S. to address this problem, giving exposure to all these extraordinary films in the cultural capitals at this side of the Atlantic.

Agata’s Friends

Laia Alabart, Alba Cros, Laura Rius, Marta Verheyen Spain, 2015


Our final Spanish independent from the L.A. OLA showcase is a remarkable collaboration made by four debutante filmmakers. These four then gathered another group of young women to inspire, energize and capture an up-to-the-moment portrait of Spanish youth. The freshness is palpable.

No Cow On the Ice

Eloy Domínguez Serén Spain, 2015


New Spanish cinema from…Sweden? Yes! Our next film from L.A. OLA’s independent showcase follows filmmaker Eloy Domínguez Serén on his journey to a completely different land, inspiring a personal exploration of national, cultural and family identity.

Esa sensación

Juan Cavestany, Julián Génisson, Pablo Hernando Spain, 2016


We’re excited to begin a new collaboration with L.A. OLA, a showcase for the best contemporary independent cinema from Spain. Appropriately, we begin with a portmanteau made by three directors given free reign to film absurd stories on the theme of “feelings.” The result? Bizarre and adventurous.

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