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MUBI Special

MUBI is proud to present the first-ever online retrospective of renowned Filipino auteur Lav Diaz, winner of Locarno’s Golden Leopard, and the Venice Orizzonti and Berlinale’s Alfred Bauer awards. His sprawling sagas of the Philippines’ tumultuous recent history and beleaguered but strong-willed and passionate peoples are epic in scope but bracingly intimate and direct in style. Challenging notions of storytelling and how cinema gives images and sound to stories unseen and voices unheard, no one makes movies like him. To give audiences the proper time to spend immersed in Lav’s cinema, MUBI will debut one film each month during the retrospective.

From What is Before

Lav Diaz Philippines, 2014

expired 101 days ago

Lav’s Golden Leopard winner in Locarno is an epic remembrance of a period of transition that marked the traumatic time of dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ rule. The film’s structure unfurls with slow power, growing increasingly complex, political, and emotional over its five-and-a-half hour story.

Century of Birthing

Lav Diaz Philippines, 2011

expired 133 days ago

Like some of the best 19th-century novelists, Lav Diaz is a genius at interweaving multiple stories to create a truly expanded canvas of characters, landscapes and social and political struggle. In this masterpiece, three strands oppose each other and then, in an impressive arc, fall into parallel.

Storm Children, Book One

Lav Diaz Philippines, 2014

expired 162 days ago

Lav Diaz’s majestically patient storytelling invests his infrequent documentaries with unusual concentration and power. The historical and psychic devastation of his epic dramas here becomes bracingly physical when focused on the detritus and poignant survival of children after Typhoon Yolanda.

Florentina Hubaldo, CTE

Lav Diaz Philippines, 2012

expired 189 days ago

A two-year shoot expanded a story of poor treasure hunters into one interwined with the tale of a woman who drifts through the countryside looking to understand her addled mind and damaged body. As our critic reported upon the film’s premiere in Rotterdam, this is “cinema at its most basic, naked.”

An Investigation on the Night that Won’t Forget

Lav Diaz Philippines, 2012

expired 225 days ago

One of the essential qualities of Lav Diaz is how he turns cinema into a testimony, one against exploitation, marginalization, and entrenched power. Perhaps none of his films is closer to personal testament than this address in remembrance of the murder of two important figures in the film industry.

Elegy to the Visitor from the Revolution

Lav Diaz Philippines, 2011

expired 252 days ago

One of the most crucial aspects of the cinema of Filipino director Lav Diaz is a desire—or, most likely, a need—to connect the Philippines of the colonial past with the Philippines of the present. This film vividly does exactly that: a portrait of today seen through the eyes of a country’s history.


Lav Diaz Philippines, 2008

expired 287 days ago

An untold number of persons have disappeared in the Philippines over the years, before, during and after the Marcos dictatorship. Our next film in our epic Lav Diaz retrospective is devoted to the grief and search for meaning over such disappearances, told across a vivid array of Philippine society.

Heremias (Book One: The Legend of the Lizard Princess)

Lav Diaz Philippines, 2006

expired 311 days ago

Our monumental series dedicated to the epic cinema of Filipino director Lav Diaz continues with this saga of a modern Jeremiah. Diaz immerses us in the life and experience of Heremias, so beset by the corruption and troubles endemic to Philippine society. A modern parable told with angry compassion.

Evolution of a Filipino Family

Lav Diaz Philippines, 2005

expired 348 days ago

We’re launching the first online retrospective of award-winning Filipino auteur Lav Diaz! We begin with his greatest epic, 10 years in the making, exploring Philippine nationhood through a family’s expansive saga. Sourced from rare, at times rough materials, we’ll be debuting a new film each month.

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