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Rites of Passage: Close-Up on Lina Rodriguez

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Colombia-born, Canada-based filmmaker Lina Rodriguez works across different mediums, experimenting with form both in the avant-garde territory as well as in the realm of fiction. With this double bill, we are focusing on her two feature-length films, both shot in her native country, and both questioning the role of young women in patriarchal and conservative societies through impressionistic, episodic coming-of-age tales fueled by an intimist naturalism. With unusually compelling young female characters at their center, Señoritas and This Time Tomorrow explore the tribulations of adolescence and family dynamics in an urban middle class milieu that feels completely new in Colombian cinema. The films accompany their heroines in the intricate passage to adulthood with an audacious use of cinematic language and a sharp eye for capturing the uncertainty of transitions—all of which have earned Rodriguez well-deserved comparisons to the likes of Lena Dunham and Gus Van Sant.

This Time Tomorrow

Lina Rodriguez Colombia, 2016

With a story strikingly split in two, Lina Rodriguez’s This Time Tomorrow is a compelling study on family and loss, surfacing the clash between everyday life and transformative change. As with her debut, the film offers a window into the urban middle classes, so rarely portrayed in Colombian cinema.


Lina Rodriguez Canada, 2013

With her first two features, Colombia-born, Canada-based Lina Rodriguez elegantly questions the role of young women in a patriarchal society. Having been compared to Lena Dunham’s Girls, Señoritas beautifully captures the minutiae of adolescence and is imbued with a refreshingly subtle feminism.

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