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Marcel Pagnol's Marseilles

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With newly restored versions of the 1930s French films of Marcel Pagnol’s “Marseilles Trilogy”—Marius, Fanny and César—soon to tour around the country, we’re showing the delightful 1961 Hollywood version as well as two recent adaptations by French actor and director Daniel Auteuil.


Daniel Auteuil France, 2013

expired 388 days ago

French actor Daniel Auteuil builds on his first film adapting Pagnol’s Marseilles trilogy, turning the port-side drama into the romance we know from the Leslie Caron-starring 1961 version we showed a few days ago. Fruitful to contrast old Hollywood conventions with those of new international cinema!


Daniel Auteuil France, 2013

expired 389 days ago

We just brought you a 1961 Hollywood version of one of Marcel Pagnol’s great Marseilles trilogy—now we jump forward nearly 50 years and across the pond for award-winning actor Daniel Auteuil (Caché) doing double duty in front and behind the camera for the first part in a new adaptation.


Joshua Logan United States, 1961

expired 391 days ago

Something colorful, sunny and touching for your Christmas! A Leslie Caron charmer from the final (dying) days of the Hollywood studios, this adaptation of the second of Marcel Pagnol’s famous Marseilles trilogy of course co-stars Maurice Chevalier and Charles Boyer. A romance shot on location.

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