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May '68, When Everything Seemed Possible

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May 1968 has earned a place in the collective memory as one of the most idealised uprisings of the 20th century. “Be realistic, Ask The Impossible” or “Beneath the Pavement, The Beach” are some of the iconic slogans that populated the walls, hinting at the poetic transcendence of this brief although fierce episode of youth and revolt—a moment in history in which everything seemed possible. To mark its 50th anniversary, we proudly present the online premiere of two films, thirty years apart yet intimately linked, that reflect on what is at the heart of the very act of protest, and the role images and cinema can play in a context of revolution—failed or otherwise.

In the Intense Now

João Moreira Salles Brazil, 2017


Remarkably lucid documentarian João Moreira Salles has made a film about May ‘68 that echoes the melancholy of Goupil’s, and expands on the notion of revolution by looking not only at France, but also Czechoslovakia and China. An ode to that sublime moment of euphoria that precedes disenchantment.

Half a Life

Romain Goupil France, 1982


To mark the 50th anniversary of May ‘68, we present the online premiere of two films thirty years apart yet intimately linked. First up, a new restoration of Romain Goupil’s emblematic (yet rarely seen!) Half a Life, a deeply personal chronicle of the Paris events, and a poignant tale of friendship.

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