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From France with Love

MUBI Special

We are delighted to present a new exquisite line-up of French cinema in partnership with My French Film Festival. Wherever you are in the world, you can discover a selection of new gems from France, including Guillaume Nicloux’s stunning epic To the Ends of the World and the engrossing thriller starring Laurent Lafitte School’s Out. All fresh from festivals and all with that magic that makes French cinema so unique.


Romain Laguna France, 2018

Romain Laguna’s confident debut, showcasing his beautiful home region in southern France with sublime 4:3 cinematography, is formally and emotionally invigorating. Strong performances from an ensemble of non-professional actors, led by Zéa Duprez, give rise to a fresh spin on the coming-of-age tale.

School's Out

Sébastien Marnier France, 2018

From France with Love

A simmering tension hovers throughout this engrossing thriller starring Laurent Lafitte (Elle) as a teacher dealing with mysterious, gifted students. Depicting the world of the school with unnerving suspense, School’s Out is a feat of genre filmmaking, imbued with underlying contemporary concerns.

To the Ends of the World

Guillaume Nicloux France, 2018

We were impressed by Guillaume Nicloux’s stunning epic in Cannes—and perplexed that it was not in competition! With sumptuous 35mm cinematography capturing both the exuberance of Indochina and the horror of war, this is a richly atmospheric, psychologically charged vision of trauma and revenge.

Black Tide

Erick Zonca France, 2018

We welcome back to the world of cinema Erick Zonca, whose The Dreamlife of Angels is a ‘90s classic, but who hasn’t made a film since 2008’s beguilingly torrid Tilda Swinton vehicle, Julia. Zonca returns with a fiercely dark and twisting thriller, led by an unforgettably volatile Vincent Cassel.

Fake Tattoos

Pascal Plante Canada, 2017

Refreshingly set in the haven of Montréal’s punk-metal scene, Fake Tattoos is a buoyant and intimate story of two drifting youths who meet amidst a calming summer. A wise reflection on early romance, this is a film expressively alive with all of the music, passion, and confusion of young love.

Keep an Eye Out

Quentin Dupieux France, 2018

We launch our collaboration with My French Film Festival, throwing a spotlight on new French cinema, with Quentin Dupieux’s absurd new comedy. Keep an Eye Out places asinine slapstick and ingenuous dialogue in the ripe confines of a police interrogation to chaotic, hilarious and cathartic effect.


Olivier Babinet France, 2016

We conclude our series of new films from French with real style. A unique documentary set in a tough French neighborhood that soars with color and creativity, its success is equal parts its music video director, its great cinematographer (Kaurismäki’s regular), and above all, its vivacious subjects.

In Bed with Victoria

Justine Triet France, 2016

While the American tradition of the romantic comedy has waned in recent years, Justine Triet’s portrait of a woman at a crossroads in the courtroom and bedroom proves the beloved genre is alive and well in France. A feminist revision of the rom-com—proving the familiar can still be unpredictable.

Before Summer Ends

Maryam Goormaghtigh France, 2017

After delighting festival audiences, this boys club road trip crowd-pleaser comes to MUBI. Halfway between fiction and documentary, this is an astute, warm portrait of masculinity by Goormaghtigh—also the film’s cinematographer—shedding a new light on the Iranian male and the buddy movie tropes.

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