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From France with love

MUBI Special

We are delighted to present a new exquisite selection of French Cinema in partnership with My French Film Festival. Discover a fresh curation of new gems from France wherever you are in the world, in 10 languages, from Antonin Peretjatko’s “La Fille du 14 Juillet” hilarious follow-up Struggle for life, to the fabulous performance of Elle’s Virginie Efira as a modern and fantastic woman in In bed with Victoria. All fresh from festivals, all with the spice that makes French cinema so unique —and all waiting for you.


Olivier Babinet France, 2016


We conclude our series of new films from French with real style. A unique documentary set in a tough French neighborhood that soars with color and creativity, its success is equal parts its music video director, its great cinematographer (Kaurismäki’s regular), and above all, its vivacious subjects.

In Bed with Victoria

Justine Triet France, 2016


While the American tradition of the romantic comedy has waned in recent years, Justine Triet’s portrait of a woman at a crossroads in the courtroom and bedroom proves the beloved genre is alive and well in France. A feminist revision of the rom-com—proving the familiar can still be unpredictable.

Before Summer Ends

Maryam Goormaghtigh France, 2017


After delighting festival audiences, this boys club road trip crowd-pleaser comes to MUBI. Halfway between fiction and documentary, this is an astute, warm portrait of masculinity by Goormaghtigh—also the film’s cinematographer—shedding a new light on the Iranian male and the buddy movie tropes.


We launch our collaboration with My French Film Festival, throwing a spotlight on new French cinema, with an inspired Gallic version of an indie movie. It’s a simple but eloquent character study, starring a non-professional playing (almost) himself, & strikes a sweet, deadpan, oft-melancholic tone.

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