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NWR Retrospective

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The electrifying THE NEON DEMON—already the most divisive film of the year—is landing in cinemas, making this the perfect occasion to revisit a selection of our favourite works by the Danish provocateur. We invite you to join the dots from Mads Mikkelsen to Ryan Gosling to Elle Fanning. Then tell us: what do you see?

My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn

Liv Corfixen United States, 2014

To conclude our NWR retrospective we go behind the scenes of his highly controversial follow-up to Drive. Shot by Refn’s wife, and featuring a prophetical encounter with cult legend Jodorowsky, this insightful doc is a testament to the fears, anxieties and passion inherent to any creative process.

Only God Forgives

Nicolas Winding Refn Denmark, 2013

Continuing his sublimely minimalist collaboration with the handsome, monosyllabic Ryan Gosling after the sharkskin-sleek Drive, Refn gave us his most controversial feature: A dangerous, exoticized mash-up of Asian spirituality and iconography, pulp Shakespeare, and, of course, hyper-violence.


Nicolas Winding Refn United States, 2011

The Taxi Driver of the new millennium? Drive has resignified coolness in cinema. An instant cult classic that adds a twist to the bad-but-good guy figure, establishing Gosling as a new kind of antihero (a real human being!). Welcome to a world of intoxicating beauty and sadness. Enjoy the ride.


Nicolas Winding Refn Denmark, 1996

Before Drive brought him a new legion of fans, cult sensation Nicolas Winding Refn made his debut with this sleek, unforgettable gangster flick, which rewires Mean Streets with style to burn. A huge success, spawning sequels and remakes, it established him as a distinct talent. More Refn to come!

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