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Sydney Pollack in the 80s

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Sydney Pollack’s career as a director and producer spanned over more than five decades, was punctuated by several extraordinary box-office successes, and left an everlasting mark on the filmmaking of the era. Remarkably devoted to the work with actors, he collaborated with a generation of superlative performers including the likes of Barbara Streisand, Robert Redford, Paul Newman and Dustin Hoffmann, always in memorable roles. We’re presenting, back-to-back, two of the Academy Award-winning filmmaker’s most iconic titles from the 80s.


Sydney Pollack United States, 1982

A model of Hollywood entertainment at its very finest, this is a show-biz comedy that does everything right, a gender-bending farce that challenges Some Like It Hot, and an update of screwball traditions for the 80s. Hoffman is stellar, Lange winsome. Consider an uncredited Bill Murray as a bonus.

Absence of Malice

Sydney Pollack United States, 1981

Sydney Pollack has directed some of the most gripping political films of his era, and thus we open his double bill with this incisive inquiry into the power of the free press. Irresistibly unpredictable storytelling weaves a web of intrigue around two true originals: Sally Field & Paul Newman.

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