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Stray Cats Rock!

MUBI Special

Delinquent girl gangs take over MUBI! A 5-film focus on the infamous and irresistible series of 1970s low-budget, high-ingenuity pop-exploitation films from Japan.

Stray Cat Rock: Beat '71

Toshiya Fujita Japan, 1971

expired 419 days ago

Not hippies! Yes, hippies: The last Stray Cat Rock film turns the series on its head, transforming its biker gang into homeless hippies. Series mascot Meiko Kaji is here and many familiar faces return, but their roles are scrambled, the film a frenetic jumble of quick shooting and resounding fun.

Stray Cat Rock: Machine Animal

Yasuharu Hasebe Japan, 1970

expired 424 days ago

First gangs, then a corrupt preacher, and now drugs: The Stray Cat Rock series charged its tawdry thrills with the culture-of-the-moment. Wrapping the Vietnam War and psychotropic loot with the series’ usual roundelay of music, violence, and motorcycles, Machine Animal is a sinister blast of pop.

Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter

Yasuharu Hasebe Japan, 1970

expired 431 days ago

Proof (if any was needed) that the quickly produced, unabashedly enjoyable pop-exploitation Stray Cat Rock films have fierce political undercurrents, the wild third entry isn’t just about clubbing, sex and motorcycles but miscegenation and racism. The unforgettable Meiko Kaji returns

Stray Cat Rock: Wild Jumbo

Toshiya Fujita Japan, 1970

expired 439 days ago

After the success of the first Stray Cat Rock film, Lady Snowblood director Toshiya Fujita took over the next in the series. Pop sensation Meiko Kaji, second billed but scene stealing in the Delinquent Girl Boss, takes the lead in this jazzy and emblematically anti-conformist heist film.

Stray Cat Rock: Delinquent Girl Boss

Yasuharu Hasebe Japan, 1970

expired 445 days ago

Delinquent girl gangs invade MUBI! Oh yes: We’re featuring the Stray Cat Rock series of low-budget, high-ingenuity Japanese pop-exploitation. This is the one that started it all, directed by B-genre master Yasuharu Hasebe (Retaliation) and featuring pop stars Akiko Wada and Meiko Kaji.

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