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Absurdly Yours: The Films of Benoît Forgeard

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Benoît Forgeard belongs to a generation of French filmmakers along with the likes of Quentin Dupieux AND Serge Bozon that, perhaps in reaction to our own modern and nonsensical world, have delved deep into the joys of absurdism. After graduating from the contemporary art school of Le Fresnoy, Forgeard has built up his signature as a master of deadpan and off-the-wall humor through French television and film, but remains relatively unknown elsewhere. We are excited to remedy to this by presenting four of his films, so you can plunge into the universe of this UFO filmmaker!

Fuck UK

Benoît Forgeard France, 2012

Next in our focus on Benoît Forgeard, we present another of his mad inventions – the short film Fuck U.K. Characteristic of his strange taste for an ultra-Gallic, old-fashioned and retro past, it stages the ultimate snobbish Frenchie (played by Gaspard Proust) disgusted with anything British.

Réussir sa vie

Benoît Forgeard France, 2012

Completely embracing the green screen device and the cheap look of new technologies, the films of Benoît Forgeard also include bizarre meta stories. His first feature cheekily assembles three of his previous short films and stars himself as a director in an eccentric tour de force.


Benoît Forgeard France, 2010

We open our focus on the wacky cinema of Benoît Forgeard with his short film Respect, starring a giant teddy bear as an abusive and tyrannical partner. Low-budget aesthetics and digital tricks contribute to the disturbing charm of this absurdist film.

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