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Three Views of North Korea

MUBI Special

Crossing the Line

Daniel Gordon North Korea, 2006


In the last of our trio of North Korean docs, A State of Mind director Daniel Gordon returns to country to explore not its original citizens but rather, shockingly, American defectors. Granted rare access, Gordon rides a thin line to not aggrevate his hosts, but the results are still fascinating

A State of Mind

Daniel Gordon United Kingdom, 2004


Daniel Gordon, who has made three films in North Korea, provides with A State of Mind a glimpse (and what a glimpse!) of the immense collective performances that are the nation’s pride. The path of two young girls reveals the group and individual pressures and triumphs.

The Red Chapel

Mads Brügger Denmark, 2009


Today we begin a three-film series offering a view—albeit limited—into North Korea. A darkly funny stunt with echoes of Sacha Baron Cohen, The Red Chapel is a truly bizarre, outrageous documentary about life inside a totalitarian nightmare. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.

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