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Nothing But a Man

Regisserad av Michael Roemer
USA, 1964
Drama, Romantisk


A landmark independent film, Nothing But a Man is the first dramatic story featuring a largely black cast created for an integrated audience.

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Nothing But a Man Regisserad av Michael Roemer
Episodic in structure and told in smartly economical fashion (marvel at the way Roemer coolly dispatches wedding and funeral scenes in three brusquely unsentimental shots each), Nothing But a Man is undeniably gritty in tone, but compassionate and attuned to the complexities of everyday life. There is plenty of earthy humour in the interactions between Duff and his co-workers… and a crackling chemistry between Dixon and Lincoln which lifts the film into a gorgeously sensual realm.
September 26, 2013
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Shot and portrayed with the same restraint that its protagonist (Ivan Dixon) uses when confronting Alabama crackers, Roemer’s film is an understated heartbreaker whose age and authentic period tang make it resonate like a piece of history… Nothing but a Man thrives when its actors are in close quarters, making the inexorable descent into family-decimating rage and desperation all the more personal and affecting.
January 08, 2013
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Front antecedent SALT OF THE EARTH, NOTHING BUT A MAN has the rare distinction of treating racial discrimination, gender equality, and labor rights as irreducibly linked. Most bracingly, NOTHING BUT A MAN possesses such an abiding and deep sense of righteousness that it never wastes our time by presenting compromise or gradualism as morally-defensible options.
December 21, 2012
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