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On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate

Saenghwalui balgyeon

Regisserad av Hong Sang-soo
Sydkorea, 2002


Kyung-soo romances needy dance instructor Myung-suk (Ye Ji-won), retreats, romances sheltered housewife Sun-young (Chu Sang-mi), and finally retreats. Indeed, the film tackles how we absorb art and experience.

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On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate Regisserad av Hong Sang-soo
Director Hong Sang-soo’s work represents an intellectual undercurrent in recent Korean film… and he has a more penetrating eye than many of his colleagues worldwide. His films are unusually truthful and unsentimental, but he isn’t interested in cruelty or the cheap cynicism most directors indulge in when portraying love gone wrong… Hong manages to make these laconic characters transparent and sympathetic, and each scene is not only beautiful but precisely made.
November 01, 2002
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The complexity of [Kyung-soo’s] experience is cumulative, and develops only after we spend some time with him, and as a result The Turning Gate is a movie that begs for a second viewing, in which the viewer can reevaluate his early, seemingly unmotivated actions.
October 18, 2002
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Hong San-soo’s use of repetition (not one but two kisses to break the ice; the regurgitation of dime-store mantra; and Myung-sook’s various dances that end on the same beat) evokes a karmic connection between a secular world and a bygone spiritual one.
October 03, 2002
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