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Regisserad av Elia Kazan, John Ford
USA, 1949


A negro girl who passes as white is torn between the decision to marry a white doctor and live a lie or use her nurse’s training to help her own people.

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Pinky Regisserad av Elia Kazan, John Ford

Utmärkelser & festivaler

Academy Awards

1950 | 3 nomineringar inklusive: Best Actress in a Leading Role

Writers Guild of America

1950 | Nominerad: The Robert Meltzer Award (Screenplay Dealing Most Ably with Problems of the American Scene) (Screen)


A charging train dissolves to a soundstage evocation of mossy oaks and rickety fences and at once you recognize Faulkner’s “long still hot weary dead” sundown, to say nothing of Elia Kazan’s Deep South in Baby Doll and Wild River… The close of Kazan’s novice period, condescended by subsequent reviewers though thankfully not by Altman, who remembers it pointedly in Cookie’s Fortune.
January 01, 2010
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