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Photo of Claire Mathon
Photo of Claire Mathon

Claire Mathon

“Déjà avant mes études de cinéma à Louis Lumière, la place de l’image dans la le langage cinématographique m’enthousiasmais. De Bergman à Truffaut, je sentais que le travail du directeur de la photographie était à la fois riche,complexe, et en lien très étroit avec la mise en scène. ”

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    Eric Baudelaire France, 2019

    In a beautiful act of collective creation, Eric Baudelaire shares the director’s chair with twenty schoolchildren in Un film dramatique. The result? A kaleidoscope of spontaneous self-representation, an ode to both subjectivity and collaboration movingly exploring the possibilities of cinema.

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    Louis Garrel France, 2015

    The latest filmmaker in the Garrel dynasty, Philippe’s son Louis picks up the camera for this, his debut feature as a writer-director. Co-written with his regular collaborator Christophe Honoré, Two Friends is a terrific 21st century spin on the classic and, yes, French love triangle drama.


    Sophie Letourneur France, 2010

    With her debut feature, Sophie Letourneur brought a refreshing breeze to French cinema by depicting the lives (and parties) of sassy young women. After a long period of rehearsals, and a tight script based on moments she had lived with her own friends, Chicks retains its vivid, strident realism.


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