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Photo of Juliette Binoche
Photo of Juliette Binoche

Juliette Binoche

“I try to see my films just once. It's like a dream you've been through when it's been intense, and you just have to go through it once more just to make sure you've had it.”

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    Léos Carax France, 1986

    A hot blooded ‘80s potion of gangster cinema, AIDS fears, and giddy romance, Leos Carax’s second film features a young Juliette Binoche in one of her first major roles—next to Denis Lavant, Michel Piccoli and Julie Delpy!—while its soundtrack includes Bowie’s “Modern Love” in a now-iconic scene.

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    Bruno Dumont France, 2016

    No one’s enjoying Dumont’s foray into comedy more than us. The former king of New French Extremity has proven to take slapstick like a duck to water with this darkly twisted, hysterically funny whodunnit meets class satire. Plus—to close our devoted tribute—Binoche like you’ve never seen her before.


    Abbas Kiarostami Iran, 2008

    The final film in Kiarostami’s experimental video phase, Shirin is the story of Iran’s social oppression of women told purely through powerful reaction shots of famous actors as they watch an unseen performance. Includes Juliette Binoche, who would later star in Kiarostami’s Certified Copy.


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