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Photo of Michel Merkt
Photo of Michel Merkt

Michel Merkt

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    Xavier Dolan Canada, 2019

    Premiering in Cannes, Xavier Dolan’s heartfelt new film sees the return of the beloved director before the camera. This sparkling drama is the story of a friendship between men from different classes that is challenged by the possibility of separation—and attraction. A director Q&A follows the film.

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    Pietro Marcello Italy, 2019

    Pietro Marcello’s widely acclaimed adaptation of Jack London’s novel—ingeniously transplanted to Naples—is cinema at its boldest and most riveting. Luca Marinelli’s enthralling and prizewinning performance propels a film intoxicated by the possibilities of social mobility, love and political change.


    Philippe Garrel France, 2017

    In this lithe romantic triangle, Philippe Garrel shows us he only needs the barest means—plus 35mm B&W film—to tell a story. Co-scripted with his regular collaborator Jean-Claude Carrière, the film oozes desire and intensity, as two women (one played by his daughter Esther) find out what love means.


    Sharunas Bartas Lithuania, 2017

    Bartas is—besides Jonas Mekas—Lithuania’s most renowned auteur. Part philosophical war film, part existential road movie, Frost navigates the Ukrainian conflict through intriguing close-ups, ambiguous psychologies and utterly absorbing conversations. Bonus: the enigmatic presence of Vanessa Paradis.


    Emmanuel Finkiel France, 2017

    Bringing the words of Marguerite Duras’ eponymous book to the screen, Memoir of War is a somber and enigmatic account of the writer’s restless psychological turmoil following her husband’s deportation. Lauded with 8 César nominations, this drama is superbly carried by a mesmerising Mélanie Thierry.

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