Photo of Paul Schrader
Photo of Paul Schrader

Paul Schrader

“What fascinates me are people who want to be one thing but who behave in a way contradictory to that. Who might say, ‘I want to be happy, but I keep doing things that make me unhappy.”

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    PAUL SCHRADER United States, 1979

    Paul Schrader’s splendidly sordid second film dives into the sexual underworld of 70s California and its adult film industry. A brilliant combination of John Ford’s The Searchers, the existential nihilism of Taxi Driver (which Schrader of course wrote) and the combustible acting of George C. Scott.

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    BRIAN DE PALMA United States, 1976

    Doppelgängers and double-crosses abound in director Brian De Palma and screenwriter Paul Schrader’s dazzling tribute to Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Featuring a magnificent score from Bernard Herrmann, Obsession is a deliriously melodramatic high-tension thriller from the master of the macabre.


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