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Photo of Peter Strickland
Photo of Peter Strickland

Peter Strickland

“I'm glad British film produces mainstream crowd-pleasers, but I don't want to make one.”

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    Peter Strickland Hungary, 2019

    Inspired by the homoerotic photography of Bob Mizer, British maverick director Peter Strickland worked in collaboration with London-based musicians GUO to make this playful stop-motion short of gay erotic reverie. GUO4 brilliantly—and literally—deconstructs masculinity on a locker room floor.

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    Peter Strickland Hungary, 2020

    Peter Strickland’s love affair with ASMR emerged with In Fabric and has only grown since. Seductively asking who is looking at whom, this eerily hypnotic short blends voyeurism, hair washing and dance as it dives into the strange, sensual pleasures of sonic textures—grab your headphones and succumb.


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