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Photo of Yves Cape
Photo of Yves Cape

Yves Cape

“The RED has an advantage in a certain kind of economy : the camera doesn’t cost too much, it is possible to set up your own editing system and do the timing yourself with Final Cut Pro and Color. In the US, many independent films are made this way.”

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    Emir Baigazin Germany, 2016

    The second film from Emir Baigazin (Harmony Lessons) on growing up in Kazakhstan, The Wounded Angel shares the same cinematographer as Holy Motors, Yves Cape. As visually stunning as it is uncompromising, this study of adolescence charts a country that is not for young men.

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    Michel Franco United States, 2015

    Tim Roth has done some of his best work of late for Mexican director Michel Franco. Before last year’s Sundown, the duo collaborated on this wrenching palliative-care drama. Taking Best Screenplay at Cannes, Chronic is a meticulously controlled study in codependency and psychological camouflage.


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