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Jane Adams


“The roles that I play in comedies, the emotional investment in stuff is higher…or, if not higher, the emotional investment is necessary to keep the stakes high and keep things funny is almost more challenging with comedy.”



In an industry drowning in silicone and Botox injections, earthy actress Jane Adams stands out among the crowd as a modest, natural beauty with a powerhouse talent and a chameleon-like ability to disappear into her roles so convincingly that she has found success on both the indie circuit and among the mainstream Hollywood elite. Though she had been acting onscreen for over a decade by the time she essayed her breakout role as the sadly sweet heroine of director Todd Solondz’s controversial comedy drama Happiness in 1998, Adams has made up for lost time by turning in impressive, memorable performances in such efforts as Wonder Boys and The Anniversary Party — and gained exposure thanks to a recurring role as the second wife of Dr. Niles Crane (David Hyde Pierce) on the popular television sitcom Frasier.

It was shortly after moving to Seattle from Illinois that the Washington, D.C. native realized her calling on the stage; a role in a junior high school production of Pinocchio… read more


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