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Nanni Moretti


“Who doesn't speak well doesn't think well and doesn't live well! It's necessary to find the right words: words are important! ”



Giovanni (Nanni) Moretti was born in 1953 in Bolzano. Both his parents are teachers and researchers. His first passions, cinema, water-polo and political commitment mark his works and his biography. After having graduated, Moretti tries to find work as assistant-director before shooting his first Super-8 shorts. He is also an actor for the Taviani Brothers (Padre padrone). His first feature-length film Io sono un autarchico brings him success both with the critics and the public. His second (Ecce Bombo) is selected by Cannes Film Festival. The success of the film makes Moretti one of the main European new authors.

Sogni d’oro wins the Jury Prize in Venice, and after Bianca (1983), La messa è finita wins the Silver Bear at the 1985 Berlinale.
In 1987, toghether with his long-time friend Angela barbagallo, Moretti establishes his production and distribution company, Sacher Film. They will then purchase and run a theater in Rom, called Nuovo Sacher.

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james fran cu


Sinto que o conheço como ninguém, e não é pelos sapatos !

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So he despises those who are not great speakers?

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    It's a quote from Palombella Rossa. His neurotic character is talking to a journalist who uses commonplaces and fashionable English words to interview him.

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    Oh, ok, I didn't know that.

Picture of petit astronaute

petit astronaute


sadly, some of his best films (and comedies) are missing: Bianca, La Messa e Finita, Ecce Bombo...

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