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Alex Ross Perry


“If there is one thing I really can’t stand in movies, it is utter sincerity. I think cynicism is sorely lacking from independent films.”



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"Well, I don't consider myself a cinephile. I consider that to be a bad thing. To me that is the act of watching films and literally filing them away in your brain in an academic way. Which is like taking beautiful animals and putting them under glass at a museum; which I'm not interested in. I don't know if people who are true cinephiles (who are only watching films in order to write dissertations in their head about themes in a director's career) ever feel as alive with the possibility of what moving images can mean to an audience. People like myself just watch films because they make me feel less lonely and they entertain me and they give me time to think about my life and they give me time to sit and come up with ideas."

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The Blind Owl


His quote would quash any interest I ever had in watching one of his films.

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