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Carlos Reygadas


“Theatre is interesting as a catharsis for actors because it's the only way you can be idiotic and get away with it. I really, really don't like theatre and I feel so far from it.”



Carlos Reygadas Castillo is a Mexican filmmaker known for his three films Batalla en el Cielo, Japón and Stellet Licht (Luz Silenciosa). After Batalla en el Cielo he was known for his raw depiction of sex on his films and the use of old or ugly characters. With Stellet Licht Carlos competed once more for the Palm d’or at the 2007 edition of the Cannes Film Festival, and has become one of the most prominent writer/directors of modern cinema.

In 1987 Carlos Reygadas discovered his filmic passion after watching the films Andrei Tarkovsky. He studied Law in Mexico, afterwards he specialized in Armed Conflicts in London and worked for the United Nations.

In 1997 Carlos participated in a film competition in Belgium with his first short film, Maxhumain. Shortly after that, in 1999 he began writing his first long film: Japón, which he didn’t began to shoot until 2001. The film was presented at the Rotterdam Film Festival and received a special metion on the Caméra d’Or award at… read more


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T. J. Mesen


Increible como en Mexico nadie pela a Reygadas y mientras tanto todos se andan volviendo locos con la basura de Despues de Lucia.

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    Salvador Amores


    no tan cierto. Claro que Después de Lucía tuvo una campaña publicitaria GIGANTESCA, pero Post Tenebras Lux estuvo también algunas semanas en cartelera comercial, y lam ayoría de gente que conozco que vio Después de Lucía, no les gustó. Para mi ambas son buenas cintas, pero obviamente la de Carlos es infinitamente superior. En su país también habemos grandes admiradores!

Picture of Salvador Amores

Salvador Amores


el mejor director mexicano trabajando actualmente..

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I saw "Japon" in the theaters. I went with some friends and they couldn't handle and had to leave. We didn't know what we were getting ourselves into. This film is haunting and beautiful and fucked up all at the same time. The sparse dialogue helps to foreground the poetic use of anamorphic 16mm. The high angle shot looking on the main character as he lays on the horse carcass has forever stayed with me.

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escasos? querras decir en the auteurs? o que tu conozcas...? o que te gustan...? porque la verdad es que hay muchos autores / cineastas de habla hispana haciendo mucho cine.

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