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Istanbul International Film Festival

  1. Times and Winds
  2. Wassup Rockers

    Wassup Rockers

  3. Der Tintenfisch und der Wal

    Der Tintenfisch und der Wal

  4. Das Kind

    Das Kind

  5. Three Times

    Three Times

  6. The Giant Buddhas

    The Giant Buddhas

  7. Mutual Appreciation

    Mutual Appreciation

  8. Workingman's Death

    Workingman's Death

  9. Man Push Cart

    Man Push Cart

  10. Mary


  11. Takeshis'


  12. Zwei Mädchen
    Best Director

    Zwei Mädchen

  13. In His Hands

    In His Hands

  14. Look Both Ways

    Look Both Ways

  15. Delwende


  16. White Terror

    White Terror

  17. The District

    The District

  18. Das Fest

    Das Fest

  19. Masumiyet - Unschuld

    Masumiyet - Unschuld