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International Film Festival Rotterdam

  1. City of God

    City of God

  2. Suzaku
    FIPRESCI Prize


  3. 2/Duo
    Netpac Award


  4. Study of a River

    Study of a River

  5. Robinson in Space
    Tiger Award

    Robinson in Space

  6. Chantal Akerman by Chantal Akerman

    Chantal Akerman by Chantal Akerman

  7. Rosas danst Rosas

    Rosas danst Rosas

  8. Sunday


  9. Sepio


  10. Tableau Ferraille

    Tableau Ferraille

  11. Les démons de Jésus

    Les démons de Jésus

  12. Flight


  13. Abandonado

  14. The Way Home

  15. Rainbow Stories

    Rainbow Stories

  16. Word of Honour

    Word of Honour

  17. Comes from Heaven

    Comes from Heaven

  18. The Future Is in an Hour

    The Future Is in an Hour

  19. Story of I

    Story of I

  20. The View

    The View

  21. Under the Bridge

    Under the Bridge

  22. Missing Link

    Missing Link

  23. The Box

    The Box

  24. I Shall Honour Your Life

    I Shall Honour Your Life

  25. Love God

    Love God

  26. The Place

    The Place

  27. Bastards and Bridesmaids

    Bastards and Bridesmaids

  28. Finished


  29. Hysteria


  30. Essaïda


  31. Tod vor der Kamera

    Tod vor der Kamera

  32. Es lebt!

    Es lebt!

  33. Courting Courtney

    Courting Courtney

  34. Crash


  35. Irma Vep
    KNF Award

    Irma Vep

  36. La promesse

    La promesse

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