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Foto von Virginie Efira
Foto von Virginie Efira

Virginie Efira

“I have known Patrick for ages, we were even married for several years, which obviously influenced the shooting. I was very happy he finally succeeded in bringing to life a project he had been developing for 15 years! He knew exactly what he wanted, especially in the character types. He gave me the part of a real bitch, should I be concerned?”

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    Justine Triet Frankreich, 2019

    In Justine Triet’s Sibyl—starring Gaspard Ulliel, Virginie Efira and Sandra Hüller—chaos equates to delight and the ethically wrong is exhilarating. Psychoanalysis and cinema come together in a thrillingly erotic and perilous game blurring fiction and reality, dizzyingly escaping any classification.

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