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Confusion - Sommer der Ausgeflippten

Dazed and Confused

USA, 1993

Darum geht's

1976 geht ein weiteres Jahr auf der High School in einem kleinen Kaff in Texas zu Neige, und die Abgänger vertrieben sich die Zeit damit, die Neulinge zu schikanieren und sich mit allen möglichen Drogen zu benebeln.

Confusion - Sommer der Ausgeflippten Regie Richard Linklater
Linklater so beautifully choreographs each character’s movements through the night and into the dawn, from the gang of freshmen to Pink and his buddies to the battalion of girls that range from brainy (Marissa Ribisi’s Cynthia, Michelle Burke’s Jodi) to artsy (Milla Jovovich’s Michelle) to bitchy (Parker Posey’s gloriously cruel Darla), that the film’s strong, multilayered emotional core transcends even the astoundingly detailed look of the film.
October 26, 2011
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Rewatching a film like Dazed and Confused eighteen years after its release means being lucky enough to have scored two tabs of nostalgia stuck together. For Richard Linklater’s second feature is just as much about the 1990s as it is about the ‘70s—a fact that might have been lost on us at the time it hit theaters in 1993, but which seems oh so clear from today’s retrospective vantage point. Aside from Hippy Porn (1993), it’s the only viable contender for the Easy Rider (1969) of my generation.
October 24, 2011
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Here the collar is wide, but the heart is true. Like all Linklater movies, DAZED AND CONFUSED is in no hurry to get anywhere, because it’s all right there. This generous patience pays off; every character is worth spending time with, or they wouldn’t be in the movie, right?
August 27, 2010
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