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The Whistlers

La Gomera

Rumänien, Frankreich, 2019
Komödie, Krimi

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From Bucharest to the Canary Islands: a femme fatale, a corrupt cop & dangerous traffickers. Betrayals & turnarounds and abound in this criminal story in the form of a tribute to the American film noir, by one of the masters of the Romanian New Wave.

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The Whistlers Regie Corneliu Porumboiu
It is Porumboiu’s most elaborate feature and in some ways his least ambitious. Like a meringue or like a whistle, its substance is mostly air.
February 26, 2020
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The Whistlers is consistently compelling, helped along by its terse stylistic efficiencies.
February 19, 2020
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“The hardest game is a simple game.” With The Whistlers, Porumboiu seems to be attempting, for once, to play by the rules—to get his personality across within more stringent boundaries. And the results, mixed as they are, demonstrate something that’s surely understood by anyone who’s worked in a popular filmmaking vernacular: that the supposedly simple matters of genre . . . are very hard indeed.
October 08, 2019
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