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Die Nacht der lebenden Toten

Night of the Living Dead

USA, 1968

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Als die Geschwister Johnny und Barbara das Grab ihres Vaters besuchen, werden sie plötzlich von einem merkwürdigen Mann angegriffen. Barbara kann fliehen und sich mit weiteren Flüchtlingen in einem Landhaus verschanzen, doch vor der Haustür versammeln sich die lebenden Toten.

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Die Nacht der lebenden Toten Regie George A. Romero
Produced off-Hollywood, Night of the Living Dead was not bound by Hollywood conventions. The movie’s rough-hewn style had the raw immediacy of underground movies and direct documentary; its cheap but vivid effects gave Weekend’s burning cars and hippie cannibalism a vérité spin.
September 04, 2018
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Yes, it was a low-budget picture, but it was made by artists who knew what they were doing. The restoration doesn’t make the movie look slick, but it gets the true, sharp contrasts of the cinematography. This imbues much of the movie with what was then recognized as a documentary-style realism, which bolsters the emotional power of the tale.
February 15, 2018
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One of the great paradoxes of the irony-drenched product is that, while it depicts a small enclave of petrified survivors shredding their chances for survival over petty squabbles, the film itself stands as a testament to the viability of American ingenuity and democratic collaboration. . . . Night of the Living Deadis a masterpiece that time and accrued perspective fill in with meaning, but only after it first utterly hollows you out.
February 13, 2018
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