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Nouvelle vague

Schweiz, Frankreich, 1990
Drama, Avantgarde

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Elena Torlato-Favrini, a headstrong Italian countess and heiress to a business empire, considers herself superior to any man.

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Nouvelle vague Regie Jean-Luc Godard


The very title suggests Godard’s vast ambition: a two-part story starring Alain Delon as two brothers who may be the same person conjures a vision of an Old and New Testament that is also the story of the classic cinema and Godard’s own. It’s filmed on a vast estate akin to the one owned by Godard’s maternal grandparents, and the movie is filled with the social and artistic graces of his privileged childhood, offering a painterly, verdant, glossy, and sea-splashed beauty.
October 10, 2013
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