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Paris gehört uns

Paris nous appartient

Frankreich, 1961

Darum geht's

Anne Goupil studiert in Paris. In einer Künstlerclique hört sie vom Schicksal Juans, der offenbar Selbstmord beging. Aber Anne findet heraus, dass er das Opfer eines Geheimbundes wurde. Nächster Todeskandidat soll Regisseur Gérard sein. Sie verliebt sich in ihn und will sein Leben retten.

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Paris gehört uns Regie Jacques Rivette
Love lives intertwine, and drama leaks out like ignitable propane, but mostly the almost 2.5-hour dream-saga is a comatose nightmare in which a deadened sense of paranoia envelops you without anyone saying a single explicit thing to suggest it.
April 21, 2016
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The performances are without filigree, and there can be a sameness of tone and delivery that makes all the characters blend together. Just compare the rehearsal scenes in Out 1 to those in Paris Belongs to Us to see how the shift in how much he put his faith in his performers. Paris Belongs to Us is more fascinating for its complicated blocking, in which characters re-orient themselves in the frame so the focal point keeps shifting.
April 05, 2016
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There’s a quiet madness to the way the film transforms Paris into a labyrinth, both geographically and spiritually. Thanks to the gorgeous new transfer on the Criterion Collection’s new release of the film, it’s possible to better appreciate the refined aesthetic and unique texture of Rivette’s brilliantly composed and constructed debut.
March 14, 2016
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