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Anders Danielsen Lie

Anders Danielsen Lie

“"My approach is kind of homemade. For me there is no such this thing as one method. I have lots of methods and they don’t always work, so the more the better! Shooting is hard, you constantly get distracted and time is short so pragmatism pays off. As for building a character: I think I learn a lot from my profession as a medical doctor actually. I meet many people in extreme real-life situations every day. That’s been a big source of inspiration for both Reprise (Danielsen Lie’s earlier project with Joachim Trier) and Oslo, August 31st. It’s also important to read a lot of fiction and non-fiction, and watch a lot of movies. I think every actor should study some basic screenwriting."”

Available to Watch


    MIA HANSEN-LØVE France, 2021

    Vicky Krieps, Tim Roth, and Mia Wasikowska star in this bewitching fable from Mia Hansen-Løve. Shot on Fårö where Ingmar Bergman made some of his greatest films, this sun-kissed voyage sails across the past and the present, fiction and reality, probing the prickly yet romantic process of artmaking.


    OLIVIER ASSAYAS France, 2016

    Criss-crossing between London and Paris, this haunting character study doubles as a ghost story that straddles the real and the supernatural. Boasting a soul-bearing performance from Kristen Stewart where grief is made bodily concrete, the film saw Assayas share the Best Director Award at Cannes.


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