Cannes 2024

Our coverage from the Croisette.

Illustrations by Maddie Fischer.

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“A Whole World: A Conversation with Andrea Arnold” by Caitlin Quinlan

The Carrosse d’Or–winner describes her raw, lived-in films as cinematic jigsaw puzzles.

“America Lost and Found: Carson Lund and Tyler Taormina in Conversation” by Jordan Cronk

The directors of Eephus and Christmas Eve in Miller’s Point, respectively, discuss their strange suburban ensemble pieces.

“Dream Machine: Hala Elkoussy on East of Noon by Caitlin Quinlan

An Egyptian fable stages a rebellion in the middle of nowhere and outside of time. 


“The Center Will Not Hold” by Leonardo Goi

While the festival maintained its routine ostrich-like stance, some of the most intriguing films dove right into our troubled times.

“Final Warnings” by Daniel Kasman

Quentin Dupieux’s latest and Jean-Luc Godard’s last interrogate the death and life of great cinema.

“Let There Be Light” by Leonardo Goi

Beyond works by established filmmakers, some of the festival’s most singular titles were films from new and emerging voices.

“Ashes of Time” by Daniel Kasman

Jia Zhangke, Cheang Soi, and David Cronenberg unite form and subject in films concerned with the march of time.


“First Impressions” by Giovanni Marchini Camia, Jordan Cronk, Beatrice Loayza, Flavia Dima, Leonardo Goi, and Daniel Kasman

“One Moment” by Miriam Bale, Daniel Kasman, Caitlin Quinlan, Nicolas Rapold, Hannah Strong, Adam Piron, Jon Dieringer, Illyse Singer, and Mark Asch

“Anything But” by Isabel Stevens, Vadim Rizov, Ela Bittencourt, Elena Lazic, Tyler Taormina, Beatrice Loayza, and Daniel Kasman


Festival Ballots

Somewhere between a critics’ grid and a yearbook superlatives page, attendees weigh in on their impressions of the festival.

Cannes 2024

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