Dancing in Philippe Garrel's "A Burning Hot Summer"

Partying to Dirty Pretty Things' "Truth Begins" and featuring Monica Bellucci, this is another of Garrel's unforgettable dance sequences.

A Burning Hot Summer features another of Philippe Garrel's unforgettable dance sequences. (Who can forget "This Time Tomorrow" in Les amants réguliers?) Here the song is Dirty Pretty Things' "Truth Begins," the actors include Monica Bellucci and Louis Garrel and it is photographed in vibrant color by the great Willy Kurant (Masculin Féminin, Under the Sun of Satan, Pootie Tang).

Garrel's new film is being released in the U.S. from IFC Films this Friday exclusively at the IFC Center in Manhattan, and is available nationwide in the U.S. on demand via Sundance Selects, plus digital outlets iTunes, Amazon Streaming, SundanceNOW, XBOX and PS3.

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