FILMADRID & MUBI: The Video Essay—"Peripheral Attention"

A video essay exploring how we view and understand information from images.

The Video Essay is a joint project of MUBI and FILMADRID Festival Internacional de Cine. Film analysis and criticism found a completely new and innovative path with the arrival of the video essay, a relatively recent form that already has its own masters and is becoming increasingly popular. The limits of this discipline are constantly expanding; new essayists are finding innovative ways to study the history of cinema working with images. With this non-competitive section of the festival both MUBI and FILMADRID will offer the platform and visibility the video essay deserves. The seven selected works will be shown during the dates of FILMADRID (June 6 - 15, 2019) on MUBI’s cinema publication, the Notebook. There will also be a free public screening of the selected works during the festival. The selection was made by the programmers of MUBI and FILMADRID.

Peripheral Attention by Victoria Oliver Farner

Images have such powerful focal points that they can even blind us from seeing and processing the context. Composition, sound, lighting, colors, focus, internal movement and duration of the shot are factors that push our eyes from one point to the other, looking for the places that give us more information to decode what is in front of us. If the center of attention is hidden, we will search where to look on the fringes and the goal will be to figure out what is concealed. Center of attention and periphery are two pieces of an indivisible puzzle. So, how could the rupture of the standardized frame affect the narrative?

Las imágenes tienen puntos focales tan poderosos que incluso pueden impedirnos ver y procesar el contexto. Composición, sonido, iluminación, colores, enfoque, movimiento interno y duración de la toma son factores que conducen a nuestros ojos de un punto a otro, buscando los lugares que nos dan más información para descifrar lo que tenemos delante. Si el centro de atención está oculto, buscaremos dónde mirar en los bordes y el objetivo será averiguar qué es lo que está oculto. Centro de atención y periferia son dos piezas de un rompecabezas indivisible. Entonces, ¿cómo podría la ruptura del marco estandarizado afectar al relato?

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