Images of the Day: Pedro Costa's New Film

Startling images from Pedro Costa's contribution to an omnibus including new films by Manoel de Oliveira, Victor Erice and Aki Kaurismäki.
Sweet Exorcist

Two striking images are revealed from one of our most anticipated films of 2012: the omnibus Histories, which includes short films by Pedro Costa, Manoel de Oliveira, Victor Erice and Aki Kaurismäki.

These images, courtesy of Costa/Opec, are from Costa's contribution, Sweet Exorcist. The cryptic synopsis for it is as follows:

Dawn of 25th of April 1974. While the young captains lead the revolution in the streets, the people of Fontainhas search for Ventura who got lost in the woods. Suddenly, The Man in the Steel Hood jumps from behind a tree and kidnaps him...

Sweet Exorcist

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Pedro Costa
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