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Ryland Walker Knight, Notebook

Movies are made up of images, even the bad ones. But the bad movies rarely leave any images lingering in your brain. The great films are the ones making great images. A great image is many things, by nature diffuse, and we might agree that any great image moves even when stopped still, opening its own cinematic world. Thus, The Notebook's decision to celebrate our recent decade not with a list but with this stream. Each contributor was asked to pick 1 film he or she wants to remember from the 2000s, select 1 image from that film to remember it by, and write one sentence to supplement their selection. We've done our best to craft not simply a grab bag but a cogent flow of the indelible, one image speaking to the next on a variety of registers: from film to film, between color and compositional rhymes, and, as you'll read Wednesday, the captions themselves tell their own story (if we've succeeded in our manifold collage) of the decade's themes and preoccupations. Today we will give you the images; Wednesday, the words. We hope you enjoy!

If you have your own favorite images of the 2000s to share, post them in our forum!


The Notebook's Images of the Decade: Images | Words


Neil Young:

Fernando F. Croce:

Evan Davis:

Gabe Klinger:

Adrian Curry:

Kevin Lee:

Ben Simington:

Michael Sicinski:


Craig Keller:

Zach Campbell:

Marie-Pierre Duhamel:

Ryland Walker Knight:

Edwin Mak:

Joe Bowman:

Andrew Grant:

Anna Bak-Kvapil:

David Hudson:

Daniel Kasman:

David Phelps:

Dave McDougall:


Kurt Shulenberger:



Bilge Ebiri:

Dan Sallitt:

Stephen Sarrazin:

Adam Nayman:

David Cairns:

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky:

Doug Cummings:

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Images of the Decade
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