International Film Festival Rotterdam 2024. Lineup

The lineup for the 53rd International Film Festival Rotterdam has been announced.

Head South (Jonathan Ogilvie, 2024).

International Film Festival Rotterdam have announced the lineup for their 53rd edition, which will take place between January 25 to February 4. 


Head South (Jonathan Ogilvie)

The Ballad of Suzanne Césaire (Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich, 2024).


The Ballad of Suzanne Césaire (Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich)

Flathead (Jaydon Martin)

Grey Bees (Dmytro Moiseiev)

Kiss Wagon (Midhun Murali)

Me, Maryam, the Children and 26 Others (Farshad Hashemi)

Moses (Jenni Luhta, Lauri Luhta)

La Parra (Alberto Gracia)

Praia Formosa (Julia De Simone)

Rei (Tanaka Toshihiko)

Reise der Schatten (Yves Netzhammer)

She Fell to Earth (Susie Au)

sr (Lea Hartlaub)

Swimming Home (Justin Anderson)

Under a Blue Sun (Daniel Mann)

Milk Teeth (Sophia Bösch, 2024).


Aire: Just Breathe (Leticia Tonos Paniagua)

Children of War and Peace (Ville Suhonen)

Confidenza (Daniele Luchetti)

Eternal (Ulaa Salim)

Milk Teeth (Sophia Bösch)

The Old Bachelor (Oktay Baraheni)

Portrait of a Certain Orient (Marcelo Gomes)

Seven Seas Seven Hills (Ram)

Steppenwolf (Adilkhan Yerzhanov)

Tenement (Inrasothythep Neth, Sokyou Chea)

The Worst Man in London (Rodrigo Areias)

Yohanna (Robby Ertanto)

Daphne was a torso ending in leaves (Catriona Gallagher, 2023).


3 MWh (Marie-Magdalena Kochová)

6000 mensonges (Simon Rieth)

Break no.1 & Break no.2. (Lei Lei)

Crazy Lotus (Naween Noppakun)

Daphne was a torso ending in leaves (Catriona Gallagher)

Digital Devil Saga (Cameron Worden)

Los dos lados de la tortuga (Oscar Illingworth)

Few Can See (Frank Sweeney)

Flatastic (Alice Saey, 2024)

Flower Show (Elli Vuorinen)

History Is Written at Night (Alejandro Alonso Estrella)

I Would Rather Be a Stone (Ana Hušman)

Like a Sick Yellow (Norika Sefa)

Petticoat Fire (Mox Mäkelä)

Potenciais à deriva (Leonardo Pirondi)

Teen Girl Fantasy (Marisa Hoicka)

Terminal Island (Sam Drake)

To Exist Under Permanent Suspicion (Valentin Noujaïm)

Void (Iwasaki Yusuke)

The Watchman (Ali Cherri)

Workers' Wings (Ilir Hasanaj)

La Luna (M. Raihan Halim, 2023).


La Luna (M. Raihan Halim)

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