Interview with Dan Sallitt

Filmmaker and critic Dan Sallitt tours the house from his excellent _The Unspeakable Act_, discussing screenwriting, Rohmer, & cinephilia.
Ricky D'Ambrose

Dan Sallitt tours the housefrom The Unspeakable Act in the inaugural episode of what I hope will be an ongoing series of filmed interviews with directors. Our talk, recorded in Brooklyn in July, includes Sallitt's remarks on screenwriting, the importance of Eric Rohmer on the development of his sensibility as a filmmaker, and cinephilia. Craig Keller's interview with Dan Sallitt on The Unspeakable Act, which is now available on DVD from Cinema Guild, can also  be found on MUBI. Forthcoming episodes, featuring Nathan Silver and Chantal Akerman, will be available on Vimeo.

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