Locarno 2013. Images From / For Joaquim Pinto

A book, working, a film, filming, memories, love. Images and notes on Joaquim Pinto's _What Now? Remind me_.
Marie-Pierre Duhamel

First, a book.

By a Neo-Platonician philosopher, a painter, an architect: the humanist of the 16th century. “Images of the world”: signs from the past sent to cinema of today.

So, at work: studying, researching , editing. Desire and love are also a lust for knowledge and conscience.

A first film, and a screening at the Portuguese Cinematheque.

Filming. Even when confusion and pain strike. Anything goes when it is about understanding and fighting for life.

Memories: friends loss, films, politics.

A man made of “DNA, bacterias and memories”
—Darwin, Marx, Freud.

Love. Fiat Lux.

With the permission of the author (the choice and order of the images do not represent the editing of the film).

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