Marion Davies' Guiding to Mooning in 24 Easy Steps

Marion Davies shows us all how to "moon" in King Vidor's romantic comedy masterpiece, "The Patsy" (1928).
Daniel Kasman

1. Over dinner:

2. Over iced cream:

3. Straight up:

4. Being led out of a room:

5. Over Ma's shoulders:

6. Out the kitchen window:

7. Out of the frame:

8. Over hot consomme served cold:

9. On His arm:

10. On a dock:

11. At the lovely moon:

12. On a boat:

13. At the phone (also known as the Kubrick Stare):

14. Shaking His hand:

15. On the couch:

16. When He's not looking:

17. And when He is:

18. While He's excited about his work:

19. When He begins to notice:

20. On the stairs:

21. In your bedroom:

22. With Pa:

23. In a rumble seat:

24. At The End, when you're about to kiss:

From King Vidor's The Patsy (1928), with Orville Caldwell; cinematography by John F. Seitz.

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