MUBI Podcast: "2001: A Space Odyssey"—Stanley Kubrick Finds Heavenly Music on Vinyl

Our award-winning podcast returns with a third season, telling stories behind some of cinema’s most renowned “needle drops.”
MUBI Podcast

In 1968, Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi epic 2001: A Space Odyssey pushed movies light years into the future. It pioneered the use of special effects, makeup, sound design…and needle drops.

For the season debut of our audio documentary series, host Rico Gagliano tells the story of the now-legendary classical tracks Kubrick dropped into his space movie—something the director did against the advice of just about everybody, and to the detriment of at least two composers’ mental and physical health. It’s an epic tale about an epic film, featuring guests like Kubrick’s longtime executive producer Jan Harlan.

The third season of the MUBI Podcast, titled “Needle on the Record,” dives into the unifying power of movie music and tells the stories behind some of cinema’s most renowned “needle drops”—moments where filmmakers deployed pre-existing music instead of an original score. Each episode explores an iconic marriage of song and image that’s become part of pop culture. It’s a six-part mixtape for film lovers.

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