MUBI Podcast: Cannes Conversations | Baloji and Joanna Arnow

This week, our Cannes Conversations mini-season spotlights two newcomers to the Croisette.
MUBI Podcast

MUBI Podcast host Rico Gagliano traveled to the Cannes Film Festival, camera crew in tow, to chat it up with a cross-section of filmmakers debuting their movies there. Our Cannes Conversations mini-season continues this week with two new interviews.

Belgian rapper-turned-auteur Baloji was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo—where for some, his name literally means “demon.” So it’s no surprise that his mind-bending first feature Omen is all about characters society considers to be cursed.

Baloji tells host Rico Gagliano about this kaleidoscopic debut, the pressures of competition at Cannes, and the scene in Pulp Fiction that broke his brain.

Filmmaker Joanna Arnow’s shorts and docs are funny, fearless looks at people at their most excruciatingly vulnerable—especially herself. In her debut feature, she ratchets up the deadpan humor to tell the story of a woman navigating the alternately mundane and surreal worlds of work, family…and BDSM relationships.

Arnow sits down with host Rico Gagliano to talk about her characters’ crossed wires, why pouring soup is funny, and what happens when you cast your parents as themselves.

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