MUBI Podcast: Cannes Conversations | Filipa Reis and Ildikó Enyedi

Our Cannes mini-season concludes with the latest from a celebrated directing duo, and the Jury President of the 2023 Shorts Competition.
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MUBI Podcast host Rico Gagliano traveled to the Cannes Film Festival, camera crew in tow, to chat it up with a cross-section of filmmakers debuting their movies there. Our Cannes Conversations mini-season concludes this week with two final interviews.

At Cannes, celebrated Portuguese directing duo Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra debuted Légua—a movie about a housekeeper tending to an empty country estate…and the sacrifices she’s willing to make for work and friendship.

Reis tells host Rico Gagliano about turning the camera on her own privilege, the joys and challenges of tag-team directing, and an ’80s Portuguese pop track that’s one of the keys to her film’s main character.

Oscar-nominated Hungarian filmmaker Ildikó Enyedi is celebrated for her bold, unclassifiable features (like the Cannes-winning sci-fi My 20th Century). But at this year’s Cannes she trained her eye on smaller-scale visions: she helmed the jury picking the festival’s best short films.

Enyedi speaks with host Rico Gagliano about her own whimsical shorts, her optimism for the future of the form, and fangirls out on fellow master Ruben Östlund’s first, one-shot foray into cinema.

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