MUBI Podcast: Episode 1 - Paul Verhoeven’s “Turkish Delight" Ignites the Netherlands

The debut episode of the MUBI Podcast, featuring exclusive interviews with Paul Verhoeven, Monique van de Ven, Jan de Bont, and more.

We are proud to debut the first episode of the MUBI Podcast.

Our first season, titled “Lost in Translation,” spotlights movies that were massive cultural phenomena in their home countries, but nowhere else. Host Rico Gagliano explores why these films fascinated so many people in one place, at one time. With episodes spanning nearly every continent, tune in weekly to discover unique film stories from around the globe.

We begin with Paul Verhoeven's infamous second feature Turkish Delight (1973). While one of Verhoeven's more underseen films by international audiences, at the time of its release it took the Netherlands by storm. It is the most well-attended domestic film in the history of the country and was later named the greatest Dutch film of the 20th century by the Netherlands Film Festival. In this episode, we explore the film's unique significance during the counterculture movement in 1970s Holland, while featuring exclusive interviews with director Paul Verhoeven, star Monique van de Ven, and cinematographer Jan de Bont, amongst others.

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Each episode, we also will publish a complementary piece in a new series called “MUBI Podcast Expanded.” This week, Dutch film critic Dana Linssen builds on her commentary in this episode, sharing her personal connection to Turkish Delight while diving deep into ideas of toxic love and Dutch culture. Read the article here.

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