MUBI Podcast: "High & Low - John Galliano" — Kevin Macdonald Tackles Fashion and Forgiveness

A special interview with director Kevin Macdonald about his new documentary on John Galliano and his controversial fall from runway stardom.
MUBI Podcast

Kevin Macdonald's High & Low—John Galliano releases in US and UK theaters on March 8, in Latin America March 14, and in Germany April 11. Find upcoming showtimes and tickets here.

Superstar fashion designer John Galliano wrecked his career when he was caught on video in a drunken, antisemitic rant circa 2011. Now, in a new documentary, Oscar-winning documentarian Kevin Macdonald (Whitney, One Day in September) asks audiences to gaze into Galliano’s eyes and decide for themselves if he deserves a second act.

On this special episode, Macdonald tells host Rico Gagliano about coming to terms with fashion, ambiguity, and the human mind.

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